Puglia has something for everyone; crystalline sea and white sand beaches, a rich and varied culture and architecture that reflects the influences of everyone who has been here before, from whitewashed hilltop towns that could be on a Greek island, to Norman Castles or cathedrals, Venetian style palazzos and baroque gems. Exceptional wine and olive oil, the freshest fish and sea food and locally grown fruit and vegetables bursting with flavor make this a foodies paradise as well.

Much of Puglia has been undiscovered by the foreign visitor until relatively recently. With the exception of a few areas this makes the place gloriously ‘un spoiled’ without being in any way primitive. The people are genuinely warm, welcoming and hospitable and their approach to tourism is an extension of this –   a question of opening their doors, and sharing all the beauty and richness the area has to offer, rather than changing or manufacturing anything to appeal to tourists.

You  will find little in the way of multinational hotel chains here or ‘international cuisine’ – everything, from  family run bed and breakfasts  to sophisticated five star hotels is very much of the place – you couldn’t be anywhere other than in Puglia. And, driving through olive groves in the springtime, with the space between the  trees carpeted with wildflowers, breakfasting on the terrace of your villa, watching the sparkling turquoise sea  or wandering through enchanting cobblestoned streets to work up an appetite before eating fish caught just that morning why would you want to be anywhere else?